About Us

We have started our business Since 2005 and our first Brand name was "T2G". However by the time passed we have came up with a new brand name as "Konflic". Threw all the conflicts that we had in 10 years, our brand have been grown pretty big at online stores such as ebay/amazon. With all the supports that we had from those of you who loved our Konflic shirts and bought it threw all different places, we thank you for all the supports! Now it is time for us to have our own Official website for KonflicUSA!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by Mike@t2gtees.com and we will try to reply you back in next 24 hours!

You can be confident of our quality and price. We always push ourselves to provide you with the best quality, price and service for your 100% satisfaction.

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1500 S Santee St. # F
Los Angeles, CA 90015

All questions and return, please send e-mail with your order ID, Name, Date, and Product Details: